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 Electricity, electric circuit and lamp.
     Electricity is most essential for anyone to live in this modern world.  Since a person wakes up in the morning till the person sleeps, everything is linked to electricity.  Most of the modern gadgets work on using current.  The invention of lamp by Thomas Alva Edison is significant in making the night as useful as the day.  Otherwise, we would not be able to do anything in the night.
       Without electricity and light we will not be able to put a step forward.   We are used to these inventions so much. .  A newspaper in the morning, electric stove, lighting, fan, water heater, battery, radio, TV, AC, etc. all things we make use of depend on electricity and the concept of electric circuit.
      In a country like India agricultural product is improved due to electricity.  In the ancient times, people depended only on rains.  Now they use ground water too.

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