A friend is a person who loves us, supports us, sympathises with us and stands with us in times of need.If we are blessed with a good friend who we can trust they will lead us through the right path. A good friend is an asset who wouldn't hesitate to correct us .

                          The choice of  friends has  to be done with utmost caution.A friend could land us in complete disaster if our assumption about him goes wrong.Before accepting someone as our friend, we need to properly assess his character.This is exactly why it is  wise to choose those who like us as our friends and not those whom we want to be friends with.

                             I have not one but many best friends.We love to spend our time with each other.We share common passions so it is not difficult to get along even if we belong to different backgrounds.My friends care for me and pay attention to me always.They inspire me to move ahead confidently and to achieve  greater goals. They make it a point to support me  in whatever I do and cheer me up when I am sad. We  trust each other completely and encourage each other to excel. I guess that is one of the greatest joys of friendship.

                          My friends love me enough to fight for me and to do anything to help me.They make me feel special, by keeping their focus on me.If I am not well they would give up their desire to play  to look after me.They are very protective of me and have an amazing sense of humour. Even if I forbid,they place my needs above their own." A friend in need is a friend indeed" is the proverb just perfect for my friends.God has been kind to gift me such wonderful friends anyone can ask for.My friends make my life  much more interesting and fun.

                        Friendships are an integral part of human existence.True friendships take time to build and develop but they last forever. 

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Friend is the one who is always with us and always wish our win. he is our strength  and stamina. he is not only with us in a happy moment but also with us when we are sad about something. he is the one who want to make us happy every time. he shows us the real world. he made us to thing whether he is the one of the member of our family. he is the gift given by god to us. he helps and give courage in difficult situations by these "One who try, is always the better than the one who dare not to try, only a person who dares to try can have a chance of success."
         hence we can say that a friend is the boon given by god to share all our feelings.
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