Listen to me ramen u should do alot of practices in ur vaction to buck - up in maths.
in which cls u r?can i get ur help everytime i need?
ya!u can ask it whenever u need my help on my profile .
What is the percent error for a measurement of 2 millilitres?

Write your answer using a percent sign (%). For example, 0.5%, 12.7%, or 56%.
k n u can also ask me any prblm in english,this is my favourite
error = [(0.25) / (2.00)]*100%= 8 *100 = 50%
Maths is not at all a difficult subject, the thing is we hate calculations and formulas.

Try to solve the problems two or three times and by heart all the formulas.
Take your own time for calculation this is not a big deal. Also ask experts answer and also try to find out the logic.