Clean India is a campaign organised by our PM Narendra Modi.this campaign was launched on 2nd oct 2014.the reason behind this campaign is to make India clean. And on this day he himself has cleaned the road. To look after it he has appointed 9 notable public faces . Some of them are Anil Ambani, priyanka chopra, sachin Tendulkar, salman khan. Etc. Clean infia was a dream of our nation leader Mahatma Gandhi, which may come true till 2020.
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Clean india campaign's main aim was to keep the country clean and was started by our 15 th prime minister narendra was launched on the occasion of gandhi jayanthi on 2 nd october, that our p.m had cleaned the roads and all the film stars and famous persons cleaned the roads and motivated the people to clean the surroundings.and it will succeeded in 2020 and all the India should be clean and green
                ''cleanliness is next to godliness.''