swachh Bharath

cleanliness is godliness
:cleanliness means maintaining neatness both physically and mentally.we can estimate and analyses a person by his way of dressing.If one dressed carelessly all the people will assess hi character .a good heart is moulded from a good character.cleanliness of mind will promote spiritual perfection and happiness
swachh bharat is a campaign recently announced by our PM.NARENDRA MODI.This is a campaign to bring out/produce a clean India.This campaign is for the clean environment and for a clean India tomorrow.This campaign will end/finish at 2019.t is a cleanliness program  signed by our P.M.he took broom and he started

SLOGAN : swachh bharath is not modi's task it is people's task
now do u have any problem ?
but u told that i am blamming our P.M
one slogan I give u that ''cleanliness is to next godliness''. And please its not my problem I am just giving suggestions . I don't care about other users.
you are blaming that its not a work of p.m to hold a broom . you are right but in other way you are wrong he is promoting to the people.
as sanjana25 told will u please do ur work my dear sis
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cleanliness is godliness

a person can be assessed by his neatness so maintain cleanliness.
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excellent slogan
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