today I woke up at 5:30 and i did excercise for half an hour and dress-upped and went to office and left office at 7:00 clock I went to theatre to watch movie which is near to my home and suddenly there I confused and I went to wrong destination it is the first time in my life hope it does not happen again and came back home again..

A wonderful day in my life...
Dear Diary,                                                                                         11.50 pm
Today was not a great day because today my birthday was there and nobody from my friends came to greet me and not single phone call from them and a lot of strange and annoying things occurred today! Everything was going fine until the I went to watch the movie, but when I returned a very strange incident occurred.
The movie theater is at a walking distance from my house, so I decided to watch the new movie as everyone said it was really nice. After the movie was finished I returned to my house and at my house I found footsteps of a human made by the mud at my doorsteps. And when I tried to open the lock of my house it was not there! I cannot tell you how much scared I was. But after gathering some amount of courage in heart I opened the door and went in but no one was to be seen so I turned the lights on and found a cake on the table. Suddenly all my friends came out of the places they were hiding and started singing birthday song loudly!!!
My happiness became uncontrollable!! It was the most amazing, strange and annoying birthday I ever had!!
nice *_*
gud dear
thnx Manti!! and Sarah!! :)