A FACE IN THE DARK

Oliver is an anglo indian teacher in a boarding school in the hill station.He stays in a hostel.He used to go for a walk in the evening in a narrow road that will lead to a dark faorest.everyone there believe that a strange thing is inside the forest.So no one would go near the forest after 6pm. Oliver never believed that.he is eager to see what is in the everyday he went for a walk passing by his school.while returning back to the hostel he took the narrow road and led himself to the forest.The cold waves of wind touched his face.The forest is so dark.So he used his torch light to get a clear view of the forest.It is very silent.He decided to go further.While walking he heard that someone is weeping.He followed the sound to see a boy sitting on a boulder.The boy hid his head inside his knees and weeping.oliver went further and asked,"what happened to u?why r u weeping?.Oliver finally saw a headless boy with no eyes,nose.oliver stunned and ran blindly through the pine trees.he finally reached the school and stopped by the gate keeper.he suttered and explained everything to the gate keeper that he saw a boy.he has no eyes,nose.The gate keeper never get panic and simply raised the lantern that he keeps in his hand to his face and said"is it like this sir?".The gate keeper is also like the headless boy.
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