If you have any doubt in doing your maths sums ask your teacher.
And keep on do it.
Your doubts will be cleared.
If you have a doubt in any of the sums than ask us on

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Hii,Asimmaity90... good question
Here are few you which might help you:-
1)Math is easy subject only for those who pratice it.I will request to learn formula first,i doesn't mean that today itself you should learn whole formula of book.. listen to me for e.g. today you will study C.I. (comound interst) so first of all learn its formula and then fo further.
2)Give time to maths each morning or evening..
3)It will be better if you study at home
4)tution for science is good but not for maths...
5)Any promblem occurs while solving consutl teacher or your friend who you thing he/she know's
That's Wishing you all the best/...
if you have interest in maths ? yes means u want to study the formulas & u want to try many sums and search website like our brainly .in fr eg study maths with interest like maths and try to be mathematician