Ya business is a very good job,because every job is god for ourselves hence dont feel bad or guilt of your job.our ambission and goal should be perfect if it is disturbed our whole life is disturbed,so be perfect in our own conscience.
                  COMING TO BUSINESS every field such that from small mobile shop to a big mall owner is all the same any field it might be but any thing is a business it is only about SERVICE,PROFIT,OR LOSS.BUT MAIN THING IS THAT WE SHOULD BE SELF CONFIDENT IN US AND WE CAN ACHIVE ANY THING IN THIS WORLD.
                      For best suggestion see share market news it will be very helpful to you to choose a well job see it and deside with patience and then you can be success in your goal.
                                                    AND I HEARTLY WISH A VERY ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE.
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