Excessive use of fertilizer may lead to biomagnification.The chemicals which are added to plants should be within a limit  if it is smaal quantity it affects the plant if it is large also it affects the plants so atlast plant is distroying so try to use fertilizers in medium quantity.other than chemical fertilizers we can use natural fertilizer of oranic waste which do not cause any biological effects.
Excessive use of fertilisers lead to soil erosion , if it is washed away & mix with river it leads to water pollution, it spoils the nature of the soil,the crop yielded is dangerous to our health

sadly fertilizers have many harmful effects on humans and the environment. Did you know that only a small amount of the fertilizers applied to a field are actually taken up by the plants? The rest is washed off with rains or with excessive watering of the crop. The fertilizers are thus washed off and end up in water bodies like lakes. Since most fertilizers are quite rich in nitrogen, they cause spontaneous algae growth in lakes which can lead to the problem of eutrophication. This kills off aqu
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