I am studying in class 9 presently. I have heard from some class 10 students that it's a lot easier to get 10 CGPA in tenth than ninth. How far is that true? I know that many people get a perfect CGPA in ninth as well but I have seen more in tenth standard. Why is that? Any particular reason?Please reply as soon as possible.Thank you so much!




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When we go to tenth class, the standards become high. so everyone have a fear about that. generally everyone tries to get 10 points in 10th class. so that they do hard work by keeping blood and toil. they take the exam seriously as it was conducted by government. and this results give a good seat on colleges. but for 9th there is no public. so they do not take the exam seriously as much as 10th class.
Generally class 10th is the successor of class 9th so our skills and standard will also become high and good for scoring a prfect CGPA . Our mind get developed in this level. And also in class 10th we have a fear that of the subjects. Like many wants science subject , many wants commerce , many wants arts but to take anyone subject we have to study hard and score maximum.