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Child labour has been a matter of concern. Over the years the arts of child trafficking has rapidly increased. They are sent to far off places for earning money with their hard labour. The government of India itself has taken concrete steps to prevent these situation but the crime still goes on at its level. When we see a child working in a hotel or in a stall we never think of their hardship. They are brutally tortured in such places. And according to the laws any child under the age of 14 cannot be forced to work. And strict actions can be taken against the accused for doing so. But the vast spread criminal racket has given its member to continue with this brutal crime. These serious crimes start only with the urge to earn more money. The greedy nature of human make them barbarians at times. So to stop this each and every child must be aware of its consequence . And all the citizens should be vigilant.

1)how can one stop this crime at his part?
2) what are the recent steps taken by the government against this issue?
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