Imagine that a friend of yours sent you a letter asking for your advice as he/she and his/her parents disagree about what university he/she should study
at. Write a letter giving your friend some advice according to the plan:
Paragraph 1: greeting;mention receiving your friend`s letter; express sympathy.
Paragraph 2,3: give your advice and the reasons of it.
Paragraph 4: closing remarks: end the letter offering some encouragement/wishing the person good luck;
Dear ___________
I`ve just got your letter and think I can help you. _____________________________________________________________________
Best wishes, ____________




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Dear xxxxxxxxx,
Hai Friend! I am preparing well for my forth coming exams. I am feeling well here and hope that you too.I`ve just got your letter and think I can help you.                                      You write to me that uncle and aunt are refused you to study at x university which you like most. but don't bother about it. our parents are always want to see us in a great position. you also know that uncle salary is too low. then how can he pay such a huge amount? From our childhood on wards they are taking care on us. They know which is suitable to us and which is not.                                              So, join in a place which was selected by your parents and study well such that you can get a seat in a good university that may be very famous university. So, carry on  on the path showed by your parents to you.                                                     BEST OF LUCK.             
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   Dear  friend,
                  I've  just got your letter and i think i can help you. i am fine and pink in health and hope the same with you. i came to know that  your  parents are not accepting you to  join in  university that you like most.
              As you like to join in that university is very good decision and the university is also very good and you can have better education in that but your parents  are not accepting for that  because your father was earning very less income so that he can not pay the fee for that university.
                Now the decision is in your hands and from now concentrate more on your studies  and try to get the free  admission in that university. so that your father and mother will also be very happy.if you get a free admission  in that university then your father will provide some amount for books and all the necessities. 
             From now i wish you that your will comes true and convey my regards to your parents and best wishes to you and your younger  brother.
                                                                         yours  lovingly,

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