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I've just tried it ...So it goes like this : I've had a great and adventurous summer vacations this year. It was me , (your name), my brother/sister , (his/her name), my mom and my dad. I've always had interest in animals and photography.So this time we went to enjoy at the jungle safari.We were like in a cage and the animals looking at us and enjoying the show.The big cats were few to be seen but the deer were roaming and hiding from their meat eaters. I had never seen this phase of our nature.The forests were like telling us to keep calm and everything will be alright.All what I had known about the animals was what I was experiencing.When I saw the watch it suddenly struck my mind that it was the time of my favorite show on Nat Geo , "Untamed". But then I realized I was in the jungle itself. Don't know why ,but I started relating it with electricity then water , sun , trees ,the poor animals ,poultry and stopped at chicken . I thought aren't we taking lives of the poor ?.hereby, I conclude by the proverb "eat but leave some in the forest for others"..
please enhance the ending ..

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