this abhiyan was started by our nation's father mahatma gandhi...but later on 02 october 2014, our prime minister narendra modi has beginned it again, well known as "swacch bharat abhiyan"...this campaign is started to clean our nation india, because if it will be clean then their would be an india full of with green look.I think, before cleaning india by our physical activities we should firstly keep ourselves clean in a mental way. Because if we will know our duties towards our mother earth we will think before taking any step like throwing garbage here and there. also if there will be awareness in all people then they will also stop making this precious earth as a garbage place. we should make dustbins in place to place areas so that people will not throw wrappers and garbage like that anywhere.   by these we can we can keep our earth neat and clean.. if our surroundings will be clean and neat then the danger of spreading of various types of diseases will be less. and if spreading diseases will be less then only we can help our salves to maintain good health..   


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Swachh Bharath Abhiyan was started on 2nd October by our P.M.Sri Narendra Modi.The main motto of this programme being.."keep India clean.." A pledge also is attached to keepup the spirit of this abhiyan.We can see not a drastic change but a slow change in the people.The awareness has to be increased by posters and encouraging the people who wholeheartedly participate in this programme. This program prevents the people from throwing garbage recklessly..thus making the work of garbage collectors(muncipalities)easy.This alsoreduces the spread of diseases mking the lives better. But on the other side..there arise certain questions..what about slum areas..?who takes care of such areas? What stepts can be taken for such people&areas? What about the usage of plastics?Nothing serious step is being taken against the use of plastics.Still the use of unrecommended plastic is in full swing.. To conclude..this programme is really paisable for it helps our nation develop.Awareness campains should be increased through different media...JAIHIND...