Sports is a important part of someone's life. Some people achieve their goals and some don't. Sports are challenging and who beat the challenge are at the top of the world. Sports are important till you have the confidence in you. Sports is when you put all your efforts in some play and games is when you play to enjoy. Sports are important the way studies are in somebody's life    
GOOD MORNING today i m here to present a short speech on importance on sports and games-Sports play an important role in our life. Sports and games give pleasure in our life.It makes our life full of stout and muscular.They expand our lungs increase blood circulation. They teach us many good qualities. They inculcate us with the spirit of sportsmanship,punctuality, regularity of habits,team spirit and obedience.Each games have certain rule and regulation which are to be obeyed by all the players. Above all they teach us how to command and how to obey. But nowdays children are not understanding the importance of playing games and sport they just want to study and become a bookworm but they should go out and play games to refresh their minds. So freinds I think so u have understood the value of sports and games.                  THANK YOU