Yoga is a system of physical and mental exercises practiced both by Buddhism and Hinduism. Yoga was originated in India and spread to other countries by Yoga gurus. It is the Hatha which has been practiced all over , though it has got other branches like Raja yoga, Karma yoga, jnana yoga, Bhakthi yoga, and Hatha yoga. 

 The benefit of Yoga is well established by the medical science , hence is used as alternative therapy to many chronic diseases. Specific asanas and breathing exercises  are practiced for diseases like cancer,diabetes, blood pressure, etc.Yoga also helps maintain physical wellbeing. Yoga exercises help to control the  nervous  system while getting rid of the toxins of the body by improving drainage system. It also guides the  mind toward purity of purpose leading to inner peace. Its other benefit include relaxation there by improving the mental state and awareness.

Tpart of that whole body, each living body (and all the universe is alive) is part of the vast universal body. It is an illusion, a fantasy (“maya” in sanskrit) that we are separate isolated beings out of touch with one another. The goal of yoga is to give us actual experience of our connectedness to one another and all the universe. This is the experience of enlightenment. There are, contends yoga philosophy, many ways to break out of the fantasy of he word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" that literally translates to mean “yoke.” Like two oxen yoked together. It means “connection.” And it also means work, or practice. (The oxen are yoked to do work, after all.) Yoga philosphy, developed over the centuries through philosophical thought combined with physical and meditative practices, contends that all the living universe is connected. Just as the individual cells in a body are isolation, many different kinds of work that can be done, and each of these is a different kind of yoga:  would be a mother whose devotion to her children overreaches her love of self, or a wife who gives all to her husband, or an orthodox Jew whose life is devoted to love of the unfathomable Lord. Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love and devotion. A devout Christian, for example, who loves Jesus with all his/her heart, would be considered a bhakti yogi. A devout Hindu whose devotion to his/her guru (teacher) would also be a bhakti yogi as  please mark as best