Water flows out through a cylindrical pipe whose internal diameter is 2cm at the rate of 0.7m/sec in to a cylinderTANK,THE RADIUS OF WHOSE BASE IS 40cm.BY HOW MUCH WILL THE LEVEL OF WATER RISE IN 30 Minutes.

Is 78.75cm
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i think ur right bcause i dont know the answer and your steps are right so i believe ur right


Area of cross section of pipe= π1²= π cm²
In 30 minutes flow of water  will be = 70*π*30*60 = 2100*60π cm³
Let the level of water be 'h'
Volume of water in tank will be = π40²h = 2100*60π
                                                  ⇒   h = 78.75 cm
Level of water would be 78.75cm
Radius is1 not 2.
You're lucky that you're reported about your answer
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Yes I agree, the answer will be 1/4 of the height=78.75
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We are given inner radius of pipe, r=1cm, and rate of water flow = 70cm/s. Then volume of water leaving the pipe per second = π(1)²70 = 70πcm³. In 30 minutes the volume of water present in tank = 70π(30)(60) = 126000πcm³. Then water level, h = 126(10³)π/(π(40)²) = 1260/16 = 78.75 cm