I love my landI
eat by the sweat of my hand
the hot sun God made my body to stand
the rain and I go together like beach and sand.
Nothing feels sweeter than eating what I growinstead of foreign products to swallow
.We keep the money inside
When I invest in the plantation outside.
Wipe that foreign taste out of your mouth
Let local be the one you can't do without
work the piece of land in your yarddon't sell it, rent it when you get tired
The land is the strength of the black man
The harvest is sweeter by the hand. 
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Better than heaven or arcadia
 i love thee, o my land!
and thy love i shall give
to every brother nation  that lives
god made the earth;
man made  confining countries
and their fancy frozen boundaries
but with un found boundless  love
i behold the borderland  of my land
expanding into the world
hail,mother of religions,lotus,science beauty and sages
thy wide doors are open 
welcoming god's  true sons  through all ages
where  ganges,woods, himalayan caves  and
     men dream  god-
 i am hallowed;my body  touched  that  sod
where the clear streams of reason
has not lost  it's way into the  dreary 
desert sand of dead habit
where  the mind is lead  forward by thee
into ever widening thought and action
into the heaven of freedom ,my father
let my land awake

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