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Mystery is not knowing anything about a subject or a person or a situation.  It is very intriguing and exciting too. Since ages we have been learning and solving mysteries in the universe, people, science and so on.   Yet, there are some unsolved mysteries.  One of the famous examples is the Bermuda triangle in the Pacific Ocean. Persons interested in solving mysteries become scientists or polices or detectives or secret service agents.Generally we know some obvious facts about a mysterious event (a murder, theft etc.).  But beyond that an ordinary person cannot imagine more.  Only systematic detection and investigation combined with wisdom and intelligence can solve mysteries. It needs a good understanding of the relevant subject, behaviour of people and logical deducing ability. There are many popular novels and films on the theme of mystery.  Detective Perry Mason was created by Agatha Christie. Detective Sherlock Homes is created by AC Doyle.  In India there are many famous detectives.  Children love them.I admire mysteries and solving them.  It really requires courage and sustenance to continue in case of adverse situations. I like it.
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Yes we can say about bermuda triangle in which it connects mexico ,florida, bermuda . and you can write about some super natural incidents like monsters , aliens, some kind of magnatic pull under the sea. and you can say about some evidences who cross the bermuda triangle like clombus.  
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