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humor and wisdom

its very important for every human being to have sense humor and wisdom .without  these a human being ids incomlplete. so every person should have these quality.

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Humour and wisdom is one of the best combinations. Humour is the spice of life while we all know laughter is the best medicine so u might know why they work together. It  relieves you from stress, any worrying thought or pain. Everyone likes humorous person. Even in school we all like the humorous teachers and not the ones who teaches us in a monotonous voice. Laughter is a good exercise as it increases blood flow in the body and boosts up immune system. It also helps maintain a positive outlook. That is why we all love comedy films more than serious films. Humour allows for great juxtaposition. People are more likely to accept your insight and sage like wisdom if you can laugh ... at yourself. If you want your audience to consider a new perspective, one of the best ways to get them to open themselves up to it is to first get them laughing. The best way to convey a new idea is through humour. That is why humour and wisdom is always considered a perfect combination.
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