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according to me mans best invention is electricity. without electricity we cant imagine our lives. today it is playing a vital role in our lives. we cant do any thing without having electricity today. each and every appliance is running based on this electricity only. now a days each and every home has an inverter and generator.
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thank u atharva and bhavya
hey poojan can you answer my question
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The mans best invention is the new techniques he used in agriculture.i answer like this becoz today this world is full of pollution .including this fertility of the soil also in this critical position growing crops is very difficult even though today we are eating food becoz of the new cropping methods that man man is great and the man, s best invention is the new cropping methods he is great.we can live without technology but we cant live without food.
but how will you use irrigation method which needs a pump of atleast 500 horsepower electricity and what about harvesting which is done by combine harvester which is an electronic machine
Here cropping methods means not only irrigation method in olden days without power man did many things u just remember that one ok
okok where will you get fertilizers from
Hello with maximum use of fertilizers crop will spoil and also we can prepare fertilizers naturally by dung, dry leaves etc.,
ok where will you get water from