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<<< Mother India, The land I love like my mother

they warn

if I keep harping

and member the same strings

of sweet pain again and again

by moving my hand over the wound

sin 2002 they inflicted upon

then I come to them and ask

if I could wail at the grave of my girl friend

whom they cut through her belly

and throw over the oven of a bakery

no, they said as if it would create sound pollution

and if you do not obey orders

you know, how many we have silenced here

by putting our legs on their throats

even a devil could not keep the count

and at the court of justice

an expert lawyer could not counter

we have bribed them all

then I come again and beg them second time

if I may call my Lord

five times in a day

my Allah, My God

again they said

no, it disturbs them when

they are in sleep

here it is called Indiaa

secular democratic state

where everything is possible

a murder in a minute

in a second a rape

but the rights of livelihood

especially of minorities

no, no, it is impossible

then I go to the tombs

of Alexander, Asoka, Akbar and Babu

rAnd ask them to call a congregation

Under the leadership of BuddhaFinally

 they meet and decided upon

That this land belongs to all

No matter how and who comes five thousand years ago

Or four thousand of years later

And who worships her like an idol

Or loves like a mother

You are all the sons and daughters

Of this great mother land

And number is a mere delusion

In the minds of thugs and mongers!

 Since then I cry

I recallAnd I wail

And prepare for a fight for a new dawn

And for a better IndiaFor us all