Plzzzz helpme in my speech.{topics for the speaking skills}i have some hints about some of the topics.plzzz plzzz help me and i need all about it{what u know plz answer if it is about for 1 topic then it is ok}

i need speech on
1]peple-relation,civilities,tolerance,emotions,generation gaps
3]environment-pollution,conservation,deforestation,global warming,afforestation,extinction of flora and fauna
5]children-child labour,explotitation,education,academic stress,health,peer pressure,competition stress
6]sports and games-benefits,disadvantages,india's performance in international sports
7]money-money is not everything but certainly something ,without which life will become miserable
8]music,art and craft- stress buster, gaves satification,proper utilisation leisure
9]house and home
10]culture-music,lifestyle,food habits,behaviour towards people
13]history and legend
14]science and future



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Wisdom is the thoughtful interplay of purpose and virtue in our lives. It is the ability to discern what is true, right, important or lasting and to act in keeping with this knowledge.

In many traditions, wisdom is seen as a blend of compassion and knowledge which are shaped into tangible action through the practice of other virtues. Together, knowledge and compassion give us the ability to perceive things as they really are, to care deeply, and to act in ways that serve the well-being of that which we cherish.

We grow toward wisdom only with patience and practice. Wisdom takes a lifetime of cultivation. If we seek wisdom, insights emerge that guide our day to day actions. Over time, these small particulars accumulate as our unique contribution to the world.

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hey shifu can u write more 6 -7 lines about it
u can just improve this by some proverbs and quotes...i suggest