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<html><head><title>Welcome to HaNgOvEr</title></head><body><h1 align=center><font color="rose red"><marquee behavior="slide" direction="down"> Welcome to</marquee></font></h1><H1 align right><font color="yellow">Welcome to India's #1 online store with 900+ brands with all new Tommy hillfiger watches. Next week we are going to launch Iphone6 and Iphone 6plus. Advance booking is availble. ThankS AnD kepp shoping on In this dewali you will get 10 % extra off above 40,000 shopping. Keep shopping ..........may you buy more .....</font></h1> <h1 align=left> <ul> <li> <a href=''page2.html''> Kitchen </a> <li> <a href=''page3.html''> Footwear </a> <li> <a href=''page4.html''> Fashion </a> <li> <a href=''page5.html''> Kids </a> <li> <a href=''page6.html''> Electronics </a> </ul></h1> <body background=rat.jpg>