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cleanliness is the basic needs in our country. Our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi has take steps on this problem. This problem make our country's laugh on us.It may impact by many ways as the people not get sick in our country which may led our country to be the no1 ILL COUNTRY it may also decrease the development that is being done step by step.
cleanliness has more impact on national development.cleanliness is very important for the national development.if our country is clean and healthy it contribute to the national  development. if we organise cleaning campaign then the pollution will decreases and all the people in the  country will be healthy and 
cleanliness is the basic need in  our  country and our 15 th prime minister organises a programme called  swatch bharat on the occasion of gandhi jayanthi  the main aim of this programme is to keep the country clean and green.  on that he himself cleaned the roads and he let the people to clean  their surroundings and keep the country clean and green.if our country is clean then there will be  low diseases effect to the people so that they can save money that are spent for buying medicines and treatments, it also has impact on  tourist  spots 
so that cleanliness  impact on national  development

cleanliness is next  to godliness