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according to me mans best invention is electricity. without electricity we cant imagine our lives. today it is playing a vital role in our lives. we cant do any thing without having electricity today. each and every appliance is running based on this electricity only. now a days each and every home has an inverter and generator.
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Believe me electricity is the best invention of man. Without electricity there can be nothing used in this world.Yes, you may find my statement a bit overstated: how about the phone, the TV, the PC or the Internet? Well, all of them are really great things the humankind has invented, but without electricity, the power that makes all of that gadgetry work, we are lost. Like me, earlier today.So… earlier today, at the office, I was faxing a doc to our partner, who was already on rush for it. And suddenly, our office lost to the darkness. An electric outage just happened. While we were notified yesterday by the electricity company for the cut, it is a really rare event for this area of downtown. Of course, the fax machine halted immediately, as the building save the power from the backup generator only for emergencies, like the elevator. All the computers in the office halted, some of the colleagues shouted, while others switched their PCs to the ups, trying to recover the unsaved works.I worked out of the building, and the same chaos happened on the streets, since the traffic lights weren’t working too. A policeman was trying to fix up the things… And then, my cell phone rings (it still has its battery juices…). Oh, that is our partner who was waiting for the fax. And then, excuses… blah blah… that was the first time I wanted my phone with no batteries at all. After all, I returned to my office, to the coffee corner just to discover that, I cannot even have a tea. Because of the electricity.Well, all the mess, thankfully, ended within 10 minutes. I managed to fax that document, finished some other things and got home. And now, enjoying my tea, I just want to tell you: sometime we take simple things as granted, but imagine just one day without electricity? What do you think? What is the greatest invention of the modern time? Please comment.
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