People living in plateaus are constantly moving or migrating. People usually follow farming as their occupation,since they have access to natural waterways. The climate is warm and dry in summer.Many of them are miners since plateaus are rich in minerals.Farming is carried out only on a limited scale due to the reason of difficulty in growing crops in elevated areas. The grasslands are extensively used for livestock rearing.
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Wheat,jowar,millets and cotton are grown in black fertile soil in malwa plateau and parts of chota nagpur  plateau.the two basically include the states  of madhya pradesh,jharkhand,and chattisgarh.there are many industries and mines in the  area. tribals also live there they enjoy hunting,singing and dancing.agriculture is the main occupation of the people though there are many industries and mines  in the area.they are used to frequent  migration they are habituat to different type of climate  and food,dressing style.they have different language
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