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Children though smaller than adults in size and age are human beings and are individuals in their own right. they too have a a mind of their own with likes and dislikes. While adults' duty should be of guiding the children through the right path,  incidents of abuse towards children often occur. So children need the right to say no to what they dislike or be able to stand up for themselves. An individual irrespective of age or caste need the right protected by law which help him or her to defend themselves.
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Children are equal to gods they too need rights equal to adults though our government is inviting new rights very few of them are following.child is like a pearl in black water sea so we also must show equilance between them.but now though the rights are invented some parents are going forward to do child marriages .child works however we are in a position to bare and stop that cruel violence.we have to move forward to bring awareness too's children are tomorrow's soldiers it's show equilance,no discrimination,avoid child marriages and think that we are In a position to a plea for india