Well both got the nobel peace  prize only after they had struggled a lot for the social ills in their respective countries. In Malala's case it was girl's education and in Mr. Satyarthi's case it was child's right. They have already done a lot and that's why they received the peace prize. They have the guts to carry on even after being suppressed endlessly, especially Malala, who almost had to pay the prize with her life. So I'm sure the duo will never quit on this nobel purpose. And yes one day they'll be successful in bringing peace....If not now maybe someday both countries will be friends...... Malala when living in Pakistan, unknown to the world could create such a mass wave that the whole world knows her now, though looked down upon by her own people, she could do all this with her parent's support. Mr. Satyarthi too has immense influencial power. They alone may not do the miracle, but surely have inspired others and these people in turn will unite fight away all ills and someday we'll be together.
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Yes. but not fully. they inspired the world. if all are followed their path surely there will come peace definitely on 1 day