The poet experiences dead bodies fallen on the ground and about the last left soldier , he thinks that being a man of such full of jest and vigor and of his age ,he is defeated by small pain in his chest.
but later he realizes that he was being optimistic and having a large wound behind the large blood stain mixed with Asian dirt on his shirt he only said that he has small pain in his chest.                                                             
                                                                - ABHINAV SHARMA 

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First the narrator sees the soldier on the battle field and comes towards him and asks him what happen the soldier says the he has a small pain in his chest the narrator asks for the reason for the pain the soldier says that one night as  he and his men were climbing a mountain the heard a bomb blast so all his friends died except e also says that he just says that he needs only little water as he can battle again,and he thinks it is getting very cool though the sun is burning he feels sad about his mother and his wife as they think that he is a weak person at last as the soldier dies the narrator takes him yo his chest and 
feels his pain in his chest and think that it is rather small than his pain in his heart.