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They give physical exercise to our body. they give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. we get the more concentration power. through this games we can know our stamina and strength. we can met new friends through games. through the exercise , we will be a healthy person. it is not easy to gain sportsmanship. it needs a lot of practice with dedication and determination
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this is an asl topic .so, please give me at least 2 minute speech
Sportsmanship means team spirit... team spirit means working in co operation for the achievement of a common goal team spirit teaches the qualities of co operation discipline punctuality obedience and so on,.....
achieving goal through co operation and discipline efforts means sportsmanship achieving goal is  not the monopoly of the particular sportsman one is to see how the goal can be achieved not who achieves it one must act in the right way to win the victory for the team...
the persons who lack sportsman spirit because intolerance , narrow minded and self - centered they cannot become great they cannot work for mankind what is required is co operation and respect for the view of other 
all great men like mahatma Gandhi jawaharlal Nehru practiced sportsmanship Nehru stood for peaceful co-existence 
if we also want to become great we should cultivate sportsmanship..
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