Ebola -is a virus disease , it is a disease of human and other primates  caused by ebolavirus 
symptoms- are fever , headache, sore throat and muscle pain then vomiting , diarrhea and rash and also decrease in function of kidney and of liver 
prevention measures can be taken as infection control - protective covering / clothing    by masks , glows , gowns and goggles and many more... :)
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Ebola is virus which was first reported in the Ebola valley of of Congo. There different stains of this virus reported from different part of world. It has been found in African monkeys, chimps and other animal. It is believed that ebola viruses are transmitted to humans through an infected animal's bodily fluids like blood. Killing and eating infected animals can spread the viruses. It can also spread through contact with the feces or urine of infected bats or animals. Infected people typically don't become contagious until they develop symptoms. All the protective measures against contamination is the effective way to reduce human transmission. Avoid contact with blood and body fluids and contaminated surfaces or materials such as clothing and bedding.  Wear protective  face shield or a medical mask and goggle and gloves.