Monsoon is the only thing that unifies the whole country.temperature,topography,pressure,rainfall etc. varies with various places(depending on altitude,latitude etc.) but the direction of monsoons is same and it affects the whole country in a uniform manner.The monsoon winds always flow in the same direction for the whole country.
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1.The Himalayas protect the subcontinent from extremely cold winds from central Asia. This enables northern India to have uniformly higher temperatures when compared to other areas on the same latitudes.2.The peninsular plateau, under the influence of the sea from three sides, has moderate temperatures.3.The effect of monsoon on the Indian subcontinent is quite perceptible. The seasonal alteration of the wind systems and the associated weather conditions provide a rhythmic cycle of seasons.4.The flora and fauna in entire Indian landscape, agricultural calendar and the life of the people, including their festivities, revolve around this phenomenon.The people of India especially the farmers from north to south and from east to west, eagerly await the arrival of the monsoon. These monsoon winds bind the whole country by providing water to set the agricultural activities in motion. The river valleys which carry this water also unite as a single river valley unit.5.the moral values we could inculcate from this are:i. helping others ii. improving the condition of our society.iii. unity in such a diversity is also seen in monsoon
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