The solid will obviously sink.The density of the solid is greater than that of water ( 30/20 g/cm³) it will sink into water :)
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To find whether an object will sink or float in water , we calculate its relative density I.e the ratio of the object's density to that of the water. If the realative density is greater than that of the water, the object will sink and if less, the object will float ------so Density of water is 1 g/cm3_---------------- Density of the object is 1.5/cm3- ( mass/density)-------------- Relative density= Density of the object/density of water----------------- =1.5 /1. ---- =1.5 ------------------ As the relative density of the object is grater than that of the water, the object will SINK. --------------- Please mark it as the best
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how u got density of the object as 1.5 cm 3
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