"They are sick that surfeit with too much, as they that starve with nothing" said William shakespear in his play " the merchant of venice". This very aptly brings out the role of money in our lives. Excessive wealth brings with it problems of security and tension, while not having any reduces to penury, making life miserable and not worth living. This is for, in todays materialistic world, we have assigned monetary value for everything. But, money cannot buy happiness, true friends, good health and peace. It is the cause of most of the problems that plague modern society.Money is nothing but an evil mark to our world. We, youth shoul not be pawns in the hands of money


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Consider a situation in which there is no concept of money in a society. Everyone works voluntarily. For example I am a teacher. I teach students free of cost because i know that the students I am teaching are the children of people who themselves are working voluntarily for the society. Like I am a teaching a student who might be the son of a farmer. Since that farmer is providing food for the whole society including me, free of cost I would also teach his son free of cost. Similarly i would teach the whole group of students believing their parents are also serving the whole society voluntarily. (like doctors)In above mentioned case there would be no power, no corruption and no class division. Every one would be equal in society. Thus, there will be no chances of low class being suppressed by high class. But as there is money present in today's society problems like corruption are common. So I believe that money cause more harm than good. And in fact without money society would be better.