Trees is one of the important natural resources to mankind and earth . It helps in maintaining carbon - oxygen ratio in atmosphere.It improves the air quality. It supports wildlife. It controls climate by moderating the effects of sun,rain and wind.
It provides food for wild animals in forest. They prevent soil erosion. Global warming is the result of excessive green house gases. trees save as from this condition. Trees cleans our environment by  removing odors and pollutant. Trees maintains temperature conditions.
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trees are a vital part in our survival. it is nature's best friend. it makes our environment clean. trees have various importance it gives humus to soil which is required for agriculture, it holds soil and reduces soil erosion as it is a major concern. it brings rain to areas, most farmers of India depend on rain for agriculture. it reduces global warming its very important as global warming is growing in a fast rate and we need to control it. it provides shelter to many animals and even sometimes humans. it provides food to all animals including humans. it acts as the homes for birds. thus we can conclude that we need trees a lot without trees we cant survive.
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