these days computer is been widely used by the mankind . it can be used for any purposes. the hands of the man decides whether it is a boon or bane .

computer a boon

computer is widely helpful for projects . in fact a study has shown that visual study is more interesting and interactive to students. it also provides awareness on various matters.

computer a bane

these days children are using computer a lot . they open unwanted websites. see violence and a lot. many persons are now being hacked on the internet. facebook , is another software in which anybody can open anyones profile and access all their basic information.

to conclude I say that computer is a boon if in the hands of a wise man or a bane if not.

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Computers , one of the most advanced electronics which have made outstanding effect on today world . We can solve the toughest problems on it in just mere seconds . We can get all sorts of information ; from an ant to the elephant . But everything that looks good ,doesnt always mean it is the best . We all agree to the fact that computers are a boon to the civilization today , but they also have demerits Computers as I have already mentioned have literally every little information that is necessary for today  world. Even our parents at times prefer to look up the computer than books to give us correct and distinct answers . Even teachers also use the Internet to give us worksheets or assigned work instead of distributing in class or making us write the paper . . We also have so many social networking sites which can be used to stay in touch with long lost friends . We have got a numerous number of apps and games to refresh our minds before again taking up another quota of long tiring work.
aysha I appreciate you for this wonderful answer. but I don't think computer is a boon