Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of earth's temperature and the changes in warming is the one of the severe problem facing by our whole world.production of carbon di oxide and green house gases are the reasons for increase in global warming.this global warming effects the human life.because of global warming seasons are not coming properly time to warming effects the ozone layer which stops dangerous rays from sun light.when ozone layer is effected we directly get the heat from sun so will get more temperatures in summer. mainly global warming is caused due to the cutting of forests. tress give us more air and coolness but when cut those tress we will don't have sufficient air. we will get the oxygen from trees which is necessary for for breathing . so by cutting tress we are not getting sufficient oxygen. because of factories and industries carbon di oxide gas is released more which pollutes the warming is also caused cue to pollution. pollution is mainly of 4 types they are water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution,noise pollution.because of water pollution we are not getting sufficient water for drinking.water pollution is caused due to factories releasing waste material into water resources so the water there will be polluted and the water living animals will also die and when we eat those fishes we will get health problems.
Good morning to one and all persent here. i am going to speak on global warming.
global warming if we hear the word we feel that the earth is getting warmer. my friends its not so simple word it is very complex. global warming occurs when the greenhouse gas i.e. carbon dioxide increases than the limit. it causes an unstability in the percentage of the gases in the atmosphere. it causes hole in the ozone belt. it affects not only in atmosphere but it increases the temperature of the land, leading to the melting of glaciers which inturn leads to the extinction of polar animals and a major tsunami. it will give way to skin diseases and death. we all take it lightly even though we know the concequences. we all should at least make some effort to reduce it.