On a visit to the United States Of America (USA) on a student's exchange programme, you are staying wiht an American family. Write a letter to your mother telling her how life in the USA is different from life in India. ( You could refer to th differences in cultre,eating habits, school, and lifestyle.) Do not exceed 150 words.



New york city,


dear mommy,
                     mommy its great in usa but there is a lot of difference over here. when i first reached here i was very confused about the time but late r got aquinted. here there is a lot ofdifference in the festivals we got more holidays in india than here but i enjoy these festivals. here the eat a lot different than india the have hams, burgers,etc. i should go long to getindian food. i am missing the dal makhani that you make. here the schools are very good. here everyone is latest fashioned. but i miss you, dad, my friends and india i will come soon mom. bye.

yours loving,