Cleanliness is next to godliness means that cleanliness comes next to godliness in importance. But true godliness surely means cleanliness of soul and body. Cleanliness of body is necessary for physical health. Dirt and disease go together. Germs breed and thrive in dirt. The epidemic diseases which sweep over a country and affects thousands, are generally the results of the unhygienic habits and  filthy surroundings. This is why diseases are predominant at places where sewer  are openly flowing and rivers are polluted. As , in India great percentage of our population lives below the poverty line. Slums in metropolitan areas are inhabited by these poor people unable to earn a decent mean of living.  So need of the hour is to enhance the education of all the children of the Nation, so that their employability and social status in enhanced . Governmental organisation should engage themselves more seriously and bring to education and awareness of cleanliness to all citizens. Unless each one decides to participate in cleanliness, the miracle cannot happen.