288 , Ramnagar

December 13, 2014

Dear Mr Sharma,                         

Please I only wanted a second to say my sincere thank you for sending back my very important bag . My bag contains very important papers , documents etc . Only because of you i am able to work with ABC company.

I am very lucky to work for ABC company only because of you. I am very thankful to have a friend like you . It is difficult for me to find the words to express my feeling .

Once again thank you for sending me my documents.

10 3 10
2nd street, Gautam nagar
New Delhi


Dear Mr. Rajkumar,

         I am very thankful for you help. I was very tensed for my bag. That bag had contained valuable papers of my case file which I had to present it in the court, my passport and my visa. I could have only won the case because of your help if you wouldn't have given it I would have lost my property.
I think you have as god for a while. I am not able to find words to thank you.
But if you need my help anytime you can ask me for sure, I will always be there.

With regards

9 3 9