Humour is that which tickles the heart and wisdom is the one which challenges the mind. Hence humour,  combined with wisdom  have a mesmerizing  effect on the reader/audience. Humour takes people away from their present world conflict , worries and stress to the world of  happiness. When people laugh, then the muscles relax, body absorbs more oxygen; and as a result  whole body and mind relaxes. Humour when combined with wisdom propel the environment to a different level. People  become more receptive to  ideas and concept, accept it with out any  contradiction. Humor  brightens up any situation or conversation by finding the light, quirky dimensions. This  helps us to forgive others for their mistakes and to admit our own errors. It diffuses conflict and makes difficult situation lighter. When we cultivate humor, we are letting go of other emotions like  bitterness, resentment, or anger.  
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