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Newtons 3rd law:
Take a balloon.Blow it.but don't tie.hold it
Take a string.insert a small straw in it and tie both ends of string on wall.
Then paste the balloon on the straw, and now if u release ur hand from the opening of balloon you can see the balloon moves to other side of string with straw.

Place a testube with water on a stand and wind 5m of insulated copper wire.
Take a small nail(one used to hang photos) and insert a small styrofoam ball(the ball that is used in making thermocol)
put the nail with ball into the testube
connect the coil in the testube with a battery.
now you can see the movement of the nail in the water.

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Lighting system

Material required = Newspaper , sciccor , fevicol , Some LED lights.

Firstly make some flower with the help of graze paper .
Dip the glaze paper in the fevicol and give them the shape of flower .
When the flower is ready cut it at end and put there a LED light .

Make 9 - 10 flowers of such kind.

By this model we can able to save our electricity.