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A pencil box is a case used to keep stationary .it is generally used by students .
The thing of our daily need, a box to take to school, a box without which half of our education would be incomplete, that's a pencil box. A pencil box is just a mere box with a lid and a case. But this is the box which we've been using since we learned to write. We take our pencils, and when we reach a certain age a few pens too in that box. A pencil box is the most useful of all the things that we have in our school bag. A copy would be empty is it were not for a pen from the pencil box. It's a simple thing but many things are related to it. Sometimes it is made of plastic, sometimes of wood; some are red and some are blue; some are double layered and some single but what ever it may be it is the most loyal thing to us. We should hence take care of it
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