I want imeage please this question in 7th class maths Construct ∆PEN with PE = 4 cm EN = 5 cm and NP= 3 cm. If you draw circles instead of arc's how many points of intersection do you get ? How many triangles with given measurements are possible ? Is this true in case of every triangle ?



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Answers in order are:
You get two points of intersections, one above the base you've taken and one below it.
Only triangle with given measurements is possible (actually if the other point of intersection below is joined then you get another triangle, but this is congruent to the original formed).
Yes, this is true in case of every triangle. That's because any three measurements(not all angles) provides a unique triangle.
1. Draw straight line PE=4cm using scale
2. At point P, taking P as center draw arc of radius 3cm
3.  Draw a arc of radius 5cm taking E as center.Let both arc intersect at point N. 4. 4. Join line EN and NP.
If the circles are drawn they will intersect at another point. This is true for all triangles.
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