Clean India is also known a swachch bharat abhiyan which is a mission which is started by our new Prime Minister Narendra modi on 2nd of October.

This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Mohandas karamchand Gandhi. He also wanted to clean India make it more beautiful.

The main aim of this mission is also to clean India and make it more beautiful.

Narendra modi along with many other well known celebrities took part in this mission and helped in cleaning our surroundings.

It is our duty to take part in this mission.

We don’t have to clean the whole nation but we can contribute in this mission by just cleaning our own houses and also our schools which is our second home.

In our houses , we should not throw wastes here and there instead throw them in the dustbins and I believe that all the houses has dustbins and these dustbins should also be kept clean so that there is no bad smell coming from them.

We should always keep our rooms clean by washing the walls and also the floors.

Schools are considered as our second home.

We should keep them clean as well.

We spend 6 to 7 hours in the school and to stay healthy we need to keep them neat and clean.

We should never throw any wrappers in our classes or in the fields.

I hope that all the schools have dustbins in the school campus.

We should use these dustbins and throw the wrappers in these dustbins.

Schools also have a duty to clean these dustbins which they provide.

If the dustbins are not cleaned, then the bad smell coming from them, will not let us concentrate in our studies.

If there is no bad smell then the teachers will be able to contrite on their teachings and the students will also be able to pay attention to their teachings.

In this way we will be able to contribute our best in this mission of clean India.


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swachh bharat abhiyyan is a mission started by our government to keep India clean and neat. swachh bharat mission was started on 2 nd october 2014 by our present prime minister Narendra Modi and they take up the challenge and nominate nine more people and so on.It has been carried forward since then with famous people from all walks of life joining it.swachh bharat mission was announced on independence day and launched on 2 nd october.