There are many changes i have seen in locality within or over 2-3 decades.


2.Very less wages for labourers .

3. Greediness among peoples 

4.Coming up of new technologies.

5.Establishment of schools

6.Building up of hospitals

7.Better facility of water

8.Better facility of electricity.

9. Quality of soil is changed for growing crops 

And much more . 
I belong to small city and live in a locality planned by the City Development Authority. In earlier days few people had scooter for travel. People generally used to walk or use cycles to travel from place to pace. Now each house has more than one car hence the roads have become congested. The  population has increased , the one/two storied houses have given way for multistory houses. The temp of the area has increase, also the pollution.  The tree has been cut down for construction and expansion of houses. The birds are no more seen. It has become difficult  to get sun light and fresh air. Earlier roof top antennas are replace by cables,we can see cable for telephone and TV are hanging from post to post or houses. People are always in a hurry and have no time for the neighbors.