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Education is the path through which on learns to differentiate between right and wrong .education is unquestionably necessary for girls as they would be aware of the crimes taking place and will be able to make correct choices in their lives . sex education is an important aspect which is necessary . If girls are given a chance they will surely rise and shine and prove that they are no less than boys.this will help the countries to develop in a way as educated women are better mothers ,being educated they will be able to teach their children all good moral values and give good civil servants to the country.Poverty will be reduced in this way as educated women will be Independant and will be able to earn for their living and for their family as well. they will no longer be dependant on men . Being aware of all the happenings is necessary in today's world to attain prosperity....
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Educating girl is educating future generations in that family. let girl child to be educated let your children be educated. Education play's vital/ crucial role in our lives. let our lives become important by educating girl child.