As we look through time itself we find that there has been many inventions. let remember that the internet like most other tools of innovation is just that another tool. I think internet is one of the best and most brilliant invention ever to be made of all time. it has opened by so many gateways and possibilities in our life. you can do almost anything online, you can chat to friends via social networking, check your E-mail, watch films or videos on youtube. we can do shopping online it is an excellent tool and you can find just about any item looking for online on internet shopping sites it's often far more cheaper the highstreet shops you can read the news and latest articles meet people and socialism. so i think this is the man's best invention ever. 
if we are seeing this like and typing like this many answers we will thank and proud to become a human being then i think the mans greatest invention is electricity .in our generations IF ELECTRICITY IS LOSS EVERYTHING IS LOSS
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Even though man invented many things with an advanced technology fire is the most important one as it laid for his development
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